digthewriter (digthewriter) wrote in merlinxarthur,

FIC: Patience And Persistence

Title: Patience And Persistence
Author: digthewriter
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 10,450
Warnings: Explicit sex. Angst. Misunderstandings. Friends with benefits. A dash of self!hate.
Written for: merlinreversebb
Summary: Merlin just wanted to prove his worth in academia and his importance on the rugby team. He didn't mean to start shagging the only bloke he couldn't stand. He also didn't understand what was so great about him--why did everyone love Arthur so much?

(Patience And Persistence)
Tags: contributor: digthewriter, fanfic [2], genre: angst, genre: denial, genre: drama, genre: first time, genre: romance, rating: nc-17 [2]
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