hopeisathreat (hopeisathreat) wrote in merlinxarthur,

FIC: Merlin; Merlin/Arthur; RINSE AND REPEAT (NC-17; +15k)

Title: rinse and repeat
Author: hopeisathreat
Fandom/Pairing: Merlin (TV); Merlin/Arthur
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): (repeated) major character death(s); graphic descriptions of violence; homophobia; hate crime

Summary: Through one godly script of three acts and sixteen lifetimes, Merlin and Arthur have always paid for their love with death. In their last, Arthur learns to be selfish. (+15k; NC-17)

A/N: Huge A/N over at my LJ. This has been written for camelotremix. IT'S GOT A HAPPY ENDING OKAY DESPITE THE WARNINGS.

(Before there is the end, there is the beginning.)
Tags: contributor: hopeisathreat, fanfic [2], genre: angst, genre: drama, rating: nc-17 [2], warnings: character death
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