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fic: pride

Title: Pride
Rating: PG-13 (ish)
Pairing/Characters: Arthur/Merlin, Uther, Gaius, Gwen
Spoilers/Warnings: Um.. I used some Arthurian legend names. MPREG. [sorry if that squirks]
Summary: Merlin is pregnant, Arthur brags to all, and can't keep his hands off Merlin's body. (Written for kinkme_merlin  prompt.)
AN: Er... I'm sorry?


“No, I don’t think that you understand Father,” Arthur said much harsher that he normally spoke to his father – in any circumstances. “In two days time I am going to marry – and in six months, I will claim my heir. My heir will be the child that I created with Merlin.”

Uther Pendragon stared in half furious anger, half disbelief at his son. His son, who was holding hands with his obviously pregnant manservant. Unable to think of the proper words to say, Uther opened and closed his mouth several times – before giving up altogether and sending his son from his sight.

“Arthur,” Merlin cried, flushing bright red as he was paraded down the castle hallways, “you can’t speak like that to your father!”

“I am proud,” Arthur said fiercely, tugging Merlin past a group of staring nobles and towards Gaius’s chambers. “Proud of everything that’s happened, and I’m not afraid to admit it – or to claim what’s mine.”

He stopped – moments away from the sanctuary of Gaius’s chambers – and looked Merlin straight in the eye.

“You are mine, Merlin,” he said softly. “You will be my wedded, and our child will be my heir. I do not care who tries to say otherwise, that is what is happening.”

He leaned in, just as a maid turned the corner, and kissed Merlin with such sincerity and love that Merlin could do nothing but return the favor.


“She isn’t just yours to claim, you know.” Merlin said dryly.

They had finally made it to the physicians chambers and Gaius was doing his best to be discrete while he stared in what seemed to be horror at Merlin’s distended belly.

“She?” Arthur repeated, lifting the hand that was gently rubbing the belly Gaius was staring at.

“Well, I’m pretty sure. I mean – it feels like a girl…” Merlin’s voice trailed off as he reflected on his words, and his face suddenly paled. “I’ve just ruined this child for you haven’t I? You want a boy, not a girl.” He struggled to his feet, trying to put distance between himself and Arthur.

“No!” Arthur barked, stalking after his pregnant manservant. “I mean – I want this. Boy or girl.”

“That’s very lovely,” Gaius interjected before Merlin could even think about returning to Arthur’s hold. “However, it seems wise to inform you – it’s highly likely that Merlin is carrying more than just one child. He’s only just three months along – but he is already the size of-“

“A beached whale?” Merlin supplied gloomily.

“-A woman ending her fifth month,” Gaius said, ignoring Merlin.

“What, like twins?” Arthur asked, looking amazed.

“Or more,” Gaius murmured, his eyes still staring at Merlin.

Arthur whooped with joy while Merlin sank back into his chair in shock. “More?” He whimpered, staring at his stomach in growing horror.

Arthur swept him up into his arms and spun them around, laughing in pure delight. Merlin reluctantly felt himself catching his mood.


When Merlin hit six months he was barely able to waddle around the castle – though he stubbornly did it anyway. Often the noble’s would stare at him as he passed, and the knights had orders to escort him – and do whatever task he asked – if Arthur wasn’t with him.

Usually Merlin simply wanted exercise or fresh air.

On such walks Arthur would skive off his duties and they would slowly walk about the castle. He was in the habit of informing everyone they passed exactly how the pregnancy was going, what silly thing Merlin had said recently, or how many he thought Merlin was eating for.

“At least four, including himself,” Arthur was currently telling Lady Grace, a visiting noblewoman who was staring with undisguised bewilderment at Merlin. “Gaius – that’s his attending physician – recons that Merlin has to have at least triplets, but I’m hoping for more.”

He paused thoughtfully. Lady Grace tried to hurry herself away, but Arthur started talking again and prevented her escape.

“Feel his stomach,” He said eagerly. Merlin finally balked.

“Arthur,” he said softly – knowing that the only way to end his prince’s “proud speech” was to redirect his attention into worry. “I’m getting tired; I think I’d like to lay down for the rest of the afternoon.”

“Of course, darling” Arthur said immediately, completely forgetting about the presence of Lady Grace – who looked at Merlin with gratitude swimming in her eyes. He swept Merlin into his arms and began walking down the hall.

“You great lump,” Merlin shouted, audible to everyone in the castle. “I’m not an invalid! I can still walk!”


By the time Merlin was nearing his due date he had been on bed-rest for nearly two months. The fact that he now shared Arthur’s bed wasn’t helpful in the least. His only constant companions were Arthur, Gaius and Gwen.

Gwen filled her visits with horrifyingly embarrassing accounts of exactly what Arthur was saying to the knights about his pregnant consort.

“Basically,” Merlin summed up, staring at Gwen in utter humiliation, “he wants to keep me pregnant forever.”

“Basically,” the girl replied, handing Merlin another dish of cream to dip his fruit into.

“I don’t suppose I could smother him in his sleep,” Merlin said dryly, resting the bowl on his enormous stomach and staring thoughtfully at his pillow.

“Apparently he spends the nights watching you and your stomach.” Gwen told him unhelpfully. “He likes how the children move in their sleep.”

“Ugh,” Merlin moaned, burying his face with his hands. “Why do these things happen to me?”


Arthur reminded Merlin later, why those things happened to him.

And it wasn’t all because of the magic.


It was triplets, to Merlin’s relief. He didn’t think he could handle more than three children. Much less handle three potentially magical children.

He bore Arthur one son and two daughters. The boy looked just like Arthur; blond haired, blue eyed, and eager to explore the world. They named him Amr. The girls were just like Merlin; dark haired and more than a bit magical. They were called Una and Duessa respectively.

Arthur bragged to every single soul he could find.

…So did Merlin.

Tags: contributor: stuckinspokane, fanfic, genre: mpreg, rating: pg-13
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