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Fic: "Yes Sire"

Title: Yes Sire.
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Genre: Romance/Humour.
Word Count: 900
Rating: PG at most
Disclaimer: Merlin and Arthur are not mine to own, sad as that may be. They are the property of BBC and its script-writers, or various authors of the Arthurian legends-whichever suits. I am just playing with them.
Summary: Merlin can be obedient. Under the right circumstances.

“But he’s just not right for her!”

“Yes Sire” Merlin continued polishing the armour, squinting to see his own reflection in the metal. All he could see was a vague blur of colour, an unfortunate indication that he probably wouldn’t be finished with his duties anytime soon.

He sighed in exasperation, earning a quick glance from Arthur before the prince was off again on his favourite topic.

“Why on earth would Morgana agree to let that giant pillock escort her to the feast tomorrow? He’s absolute bollocks on the field, he never looks at anyone directly when he speaks and he’s, he’s…ugly”.

Unable to come up with any better insults to convey the extent of his outrage, Arthur flung his hands into the air to punctuate his point and then sat there looking-as Merlin privately thought- confused and utterly stupid, his mouth still opening every few seconds to sputter words that never made it out.

Merlin gave up on the hauberk and turned his attention to Arthur’s sword.

“Yes Sire”

Arthur realised that his manservant was not, in fact, giving him the level of rapt attention he should give his prince, and stomped over to where Merlin was balancing on a fencepost at the other end of the stables.

“Merlin! Have you been listening to me?” Arthur demanded.

“Yes Sire” Merlin answered absently. It was best just to say yes to Arthur when he was in this kind of mood. It wasn’t like Arthur actually required another person’s opinion when he went off on one of his rants. Not that Merlin minded. It left him free to consider both how fetching Arthur looked when his cheeks flushed like that, and also, how Arthur’s cocked hip and crossed arms gave him a rather strong resemblance to a teenage girl.

Arthur titled his head in thought, peering down at his manservant who appeared to have drifted off into another daydream. Merlin’s hands had slowed in their polishing and his eyes appeared glazed.

Arthur grinned suddenly, distracted from his previous source of discontent like a predator smelling fresh meat on the air.

“So Merlin”

Arthur moved closer to Merlin, his grin widening when he heard the automatic “Yes Sire” in return. He could have some fun with this.

“I am the best warrior in the land am I not?”

“Yes Sire.”

Arthur reached over and placed his left hand on the fence.

“And better looking than all other Knights, especially Sir Ulrich”

“Yes Sire”

Now Arthur’s right hand made its way to the fence, forcing Arthur to lean in closer to Merlin who was effectively enclosed within Arthur’s arms. Arthur noticed with glee that Merlin had not tensed or shown any indication that he noticed this sudden intrusion of his space. Arthur slowly bent down until he was at the same height as Merlin.

“So you agree that my advances in this matter would be entirely welcome?”

Merlin’s eyes shot up at the feel of Arthur’s breath on his cheek. He tried to edge backwards unobtrusively only to be stopped by the hard wood of the fence behind him. What was it that Arthur had said? Merlin wracked his brains; any intelligence he had was surely being destroyed under the force of that heavy blue-eyed gaze and- was that a seductive smirk?! He must be imagining things.

“Uh…um” Merlin scrambled for an answer. “Yes Sire?”

Nope, there it was again. The smirk was spreading into a lazy grin that Merlin caught sight of for only a moment before the blond head moved closer and nuzzled into his neck.

“Sire?!” Merlin felt like he should be ashamed of his rather unmanly squeak but no, those were definitely lips pressing into his neck now. Moving down to his collarbone and bestowing a nibble in the dip there that made Merlin shiver. That had to be grounds for squeaking.

“Just. Say. Yes. Merlin” the words were all but purred as that damnable tongue made its way back up his neck to pay attention to his ear.

“Y-y-yes Sire” Merlin moaned, tilting his head to better accommodate Arthur’s delicious assault. It was funny; he thought hazily, he had never felt more willing to obey Arthur’s orders.

As if he had spoken out loud, Arthur drew back slightly and grinned knowingly at Merlin. His lips cut off Merlin’s moan of protest at the sudden neglect of his neck before it even began, pressing and licking at Merlin’s lips until there seemed to be nothing else in the world but Arthur’s domination of his mouth and the feel of Arthur’s hand steady on the back of his neck drawing him closer.

Just as suddenly as it had begun, the kiss ended.

Arthur stood in one fluid moment, disrupting Merlin’s precarious position on the fence and making him fall over ungracefully onto the scattered pieces of hay lining the stable floors.

He glared up at Arthur but couldn’t stop one hand from rising to touch his lips.
Arthur didn’t notice, already striding away towards the exit. He stopped at the stable door and turned around, looking bemused to find Merlin still on the floor.

“Well, what are you waiting for Merlin?”

Merlin sputtered in protest.

“Considering you are being so compliant this afternoon, I think there are better places that we could be hmm?”

Merlin narrowed his eyes. That grin on Arthur’s face was just begging to be smacked off, the prat.
But on the other hand…

“Yes Sire”

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Tags: fanfic, genre: romance, rating: pg
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