the chicken is your superior (lavvyan) wrote in merlinxarthur,
the chicken is your superior

Well, it's Monday.

Such a beautiful day for a new rule.

Concerning the frequency of posts, we'd like to keep everyone's f-list a bit more manageable, so from now on, this community allows one (1) post per day (i.e. 24 hours) and person, meaning that if you write more than that, please post it to your own journal and collectively link from here.

Further, each member can make no more than five (5) posts per week. Again, please collect your links for one post. If your chosen story format is to post one chapter/artwork a day, I suggest posting to merlinxarthur every other day and linking to two entries at once.

This is not to single out any particular artist or author. It's about keeping up with well over a dozen posts on an average day.

Posts not meeting the quota as stated above will be deleted without comment or warning (and yes, I'm anal enough to create spreadsheets for that shit). Complaints etc. to be directed at me; if you send a message, please make sure your privacy settings allow me to reply. Thanks.
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