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fic: like diamonds

Title: Like Diamonds
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Spoilers/Warnings: Er, well if you've read the Twilight book, you might recognize some references. Also, maybe episode 1?
Summary: written for kinkme_merlin prompt: Arthur is a vampire... of the sparkling and completely ridiculous sort. Merlin does not appreciate being watched in the middle of the knight, and Arthur isn't all that fond of the sparkling. Except I changed a few things.
AN: I know, okay? And I'm sorry. There is no forgiving this - no matter what I do. (well, probably.) Also: please ignore my laziness in not picking something new for Arthur's vampire skillz. Note: lazy.

Merlin sighed, trailing along behind Arthur in the forest. He had only been manservant to the prince for a few days now, and he was already being dragged onto some ill-fated hunting trip. They hadn’t even brought weapons, for goodness sake. A good twenty feet in front of him, Arthur sharply told him to stop complaining and hurry up.

Merlin stuck out his tongue and made no such effort.

They had left the castle well before sunrise, and the forest around them was still fairly dark, even though the sun had to have risen by this time. Despite the gloom, Arthur led them further into the trees. Eventually they came across the clearing, into which they stepped and Arthur sat to rest under one of the shady trees.

Merlin happily tromped into the middle of the clearing, dropped his pack, and threw himself down among the flowers and settling in happily.

“Merlin,” Arthur said in a low voice after a few minutes of silence. The blond was still sitting in the shade, his expression amused when Merlin bothered to look. “Come here for a moment, won’t you?”

Something in his tone left little to argue, so Merlin went, crouching down in front of the prince, missing the heat of the morning sun the moment he was hidden from it in the shade.

“I thought so,” Arthur said softly, inhaling deeply the moment Merlin was in front of him. He shifted just the littlest bit closer to his servant, closed his eyes and breathed deeply again. “You’re magic then, aren’t you?”

Merlin recoiled quickly, his eyes widening in terror. “What?” He gasped, his voice nearly taken by his fear. “No, of course I’m not!”

“Of course you are,” The blond replied. “I can smell it all over you.” Arthur reached out one hand, faster than Merlin could track, and the moment his icy fingers gripped Merlin’s wrist, the dark haired boy began panicking even more, his eyes staring wildly at the hand wrapped around his skinny wrist.

“You-” He whispered, “are you- but you can’t be! I would have noticed if that were true. Oh you are. You really are.” And then Merlin went a bit hysterical. “You’re going to eat me! Oh gods- you’re going to drink my blood and-“

Arthur looked amused again. “I’m not going to eat you,” he said, tugging Merlin a little closer. So close that Merlin was almost in his lap.

Merlin did his very best to hide his squeak of terror. “I won’t taste good at all,” he tried to assure Arthur. “I’ve grown up on a poor country diet – nothing at all like anybody from Camelot… I’d be all bland because I grew up on mostly potatoes, well, a couple of times I got beef and pork when we had to slaughter – and the Camelot people would have had full diets and-”

“You’d taste wonderful,” Arthur cut him off with an air of indifference. “I knew that the moment I met you. You had no idea how hard it was not taking you immediately. I wanted it so bad-“ His eyes darkened a bit with his remembered want and Merlin desperately tried to pull away.

This time he was more successful and managed to pull himself into the sun – hoping that Arthur wouldn’t follow for fear of burning.

Of course, he had no such luck. Arthur followed him willingly enough, though he cringed a bit at the sky. And naturally, at that point, Merlin stopped caring because Arthur – surely he had seen Arthur in the sunlight before. He tried to remember, but the sight of Arthur’s skin, glittering fiercely in the weak sun left him dazzled.

“It’s like diamonds,” Merlin whispered, forgetting his fear and reaching out one hand to try and capture the sparkles that covered the pale arm in front of him. His fingers merely encountered icy skin. “Or snow in the winter sun…”

Arthur pulled himself back into the shade, casting another annoyed look at the sun. “I’ve been like this for as long as I can remember,” he said softly. “Uther won’t tell me what happened, or when, but I’ve been like this for several years now.” He suddenly snarled. “Awful, isn’t it? I can’t go out in direct sunlight – not because it’s painful, but because it would reveal that I’m-”

“A vampire,” Merlin whispered, his eyes still wide with the remembrance of the diamonds in his princes’ skin. “Let me see again,” he begged suddenly.



“I didn’t drag you out here so you could stare at me,” Arthur snapped, “I dragged you out here because I wanted the truth from you. You’re magic?”

Merlin nodded, barely listening anymore.

“Born with it, I imagine,” Arthur continued upon the confirmation. “I can’t see you studying magic. Even you’re not stupid enough to do that right under Uther’s nose.” He took another close look at Merlin, watching the sudden meek look cross his face. “Oh. You are that stupid then.” He didn’t seem surprised.

“The dragon said I was to protect you,” Merlin whispered, looking sadly at his hands. “He said that our destinies are intertwined.”

“Two sides of a coin, right?” Arthur said, sighing. “That old dragon has been shouting that nonsense for years now. ‘Find your destiny, Arthur, he’s waiting for you!’” He quoted the dragon with a rather good imitation of his drawling voice. “Well don’t worry – I’m pretty sure the only thing that can kill a vampire is another vampire. Father tried everything else.”

He seemed nonchalant when he said it, but Merlin realized the implications immediately. Uther really did hate his own son – hated whatever had happened to Arthur, but was now cursed to live with him.

Merlin stared in horror before he quietly replied, ““The best thing to protect a vampire would be another vampire then, don’t you think?”

They stayed quiet for the rest of the morning, before Arthur suddenly got up and disappeared. Merlin, surprised but realizing that it was most likely trying Arthur’s self control to be with him in such a secluded way, wandered back to his pack and lay back down in the sun. He fell asleep almost instantly.


"You really are an idiot,” Arthur’s voice said, waking Merlin up with a shock. Merlin’s magic curled tighter around him protectively, causing Arthur’s brows to lift in surprise.

Merlin yawned, not noticing, and sat up. He squinted around the clearing, trying to gauge how long he’d been asleep. Arthur’s skin still glittered like diamonds, so he assumed that the sun was still in the sky, but it wasn’t quite as bright as it had been when he’d fallen asleep.

“How long was I asleep?” He asked, yawning again.

“Most of the day.” Arthur told him. “It’s nearly sundown now.” He smiled suddenly, his toothy grin more menacing than it had been before Merlin realized his eye-teeth were extra pointed for a reason. “You’re very interesting in your sleep, you know. It was very difficult to just sit and watch – to not bite you.”

Merlin tensed, his magic cowering closer to his skin, acting as a barrier between himself and the vampire.

Arthur snorted and gracefully sat down next to his servant. “Relax,” he said briskly. “I’m not going to bite you. I’m much too full for your blood, regardless of how delicious it would be.”

Merlin shivered a little at the proclamation, suddenly not wanting to know where Arthur had gone for the day. Suddenly, Arthur’s words washed over him. “You were watching me sleep?” He gasped, feeling rather exposed.

The toothy, terrifying grin returned. “You were dreaming about me,” Arthur told him. “I felt I had the right. Besides, knowing what people are thinking is hardly difficult to figure out, vampire or not.”


“Well, being a vampire allows me to know what others are thinking – I assume anyway. I’ve never met another vampire so I don’t really know if it’s a vampire trait, or just me. But I know what you’re thinking, sleeping or not – and it tends to be about me. Do you really think the best way to protect me, is to be like me?”

Merlin squeaked and did his best to back away. Not that it did any good, Arthur cheerfully moved with him. Trying again only achieved the same results, so Merlin eventually stopped trying.

“Do you?” Arthur asked again, this time moving to crouch over Merlin and effectively trap him to the ground. He flashed his smile again and it widened with whatever he heard going on in Merlin’s head.

Merlin shivered and stared very hard in the direction of the trees to his left.

“I see,” Arthur murmured. He moved in closer, so close that Merlin could smell his breath. So close that Merlin could feel the cold of his skin.

So close that he could feel the press of Arthur’s lips against his.

“You won’t be allowed into Camelot before you can control yourself. I don’t know if I’ll be able to control myself,” Arthur whispered. “Though, I’m not sure it will be that much of a problem. You’re magic seems to contain you fairly well.”

“I’ll be fine,” Merlin whispered back. “I trust you.”

“You’re sure that you’re ready for this?”

Merlin looked up, directly into Arthur’s golden eyes. He smiled with all his heart and brushed his lips against Arthur’s again, before directing Arthur’s teeth towards his neck.

And then, the pain began.

Part 2

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