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fic: like diamonds (part 2)

Title: Like Diamonds (part 2)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Spoilers/Warnings: Er, well if you've read the Twilight book, you might recognize some references. Also, maybe episode 1?
Summary: Arthur is a vampire... of the sparkling and completely ridiculous sort. Merlin does not appreciate being watched in the middle of the knight, and Arthur isn't all that fond of the sparkling. Except I changed a few things.
AN: This happened because I just can't leave well enough alone. And because, well, I'm highly susceptible to do anything when prompted enough. Curse you people, I have projects to finish - and graduation to get ready for! Enjoy!

Part 1

Merlin and Arthur didn’t return to Camelot for three days.

It took one day for Merlin to wade through the pain of a vampire transformation and reemerge on the other side. Another for him to stop freaking out after he was suddenly able to see the magic currents of the earth and attempt to focus on anything for any given amount of time, and the last to learn to control his thirst and to hunt for the first time. They spent their last night in the forest making love – Arthur desperately thanking him, needing him, loving him, and Merlin returning each favor with one of his own.

Arthur was very impressed with the speed of Merlin’s control. “It took me months,” he sulked as they entered Camelot’s lower town – Arthur with one hand tightly clenched around Merlin’s, just in case. “I still have problems sometimes. Like when I met you, or when Morgana becomes too annoying.”

He grinned, and they moved swiftly up to the courtyard and into the castle.

Merlin said nothing. He was still not used to the melodic rumble of his own voice, and his eyes continued to get fixed on the magic that swirled through the air.

“Arthur,” he said in a voice so soft that only Arthur could hear it. “Don’t let me kill anybody.”

His eyes, though they were supposed to be red with his own blood, were still blue – the magic of the earth not allowing his body to take a trait that would endanger him – and they gazed desperately at Arthur. He didn’t seem to thirst for blood the same way that Arthur did – his throat didn’t burn with need with each passing moment, but he was still susceptible to the scent of fresh blood. “Please.”

Arthur stopped moving, even though the guards in the hall were staring at them. “I would never let you,” he said, in a voice so reassuring that all of Merlin’s fears were instantly nullified. He then, of course, became distracted again by the colors in the air.

Arthur began moving again, towing him along gently. “I’d like an audience with my father,” he told the guard.

The guard, a man Arthur himself had trained and knighted, nodded and moved to pull the door open for his prince. Arthur marched inside, still pulling his manservant along.

“Father,” he said in a loud voice, before he could be announced. “I wish to apologize for my delay. My servant,” he gestured at Merlin, “got us lost in the forest, and we’ve just returned.”

Everything about his body language dared Uther to challenge his claim. Merlin stood quietly behind his prince, his eyes lowered to the ground.

“Is this true boy?” Uther’s voice boomed across the floor. “Were you lost in the woods-” he stopped and stared a little closer at Merlin. “Come here, boy. Let me see you.”

Merlin hesitated, his eyes lifting to look desperately at his prince. “Don’t let me do anything,” he whispered through his thoughts.

“Go on,” Arthur said aloud and in a normal volume. “The King commands it.”

He gave Merlin a little shove forward.

Merlin did his best to move slowly – clumsily even – but he was a creature of grace and speed now, and the King noticed immediately. “Yes, sire?” he asked, trying to hide the melody of his voice, and failing again.

Uther stood, his hands trembling so minutely that Merlin only barely noticed. The king’s eyes darted quickly between his son and his son’s manservant – arguing with himself on the likelihood of his suspicions.

“Let me see your eyes, boy,” he barked, gathering his courage and closing the distance between them. He grasped Merlin’s chin and yanked it up.

About three things happened then. Arthur hissed, his posture tightening and his eyes flashing with golden anger in response to the thoughts of the king. Uther sagged a little, seeing the same deep blue eyes that Merlin’s always had, and assuming that his son had resisted temptation. And Merlin smirked, staring deep into the king’s eyes, showing off his suddenly perfect smile, complete with its new fanged taint.

“If you’re done, father,” Arthur snapped, appearing at Merlin’s side and gripping his shoulder in both warning and reassurance. “I’d quite like my servant back.”

“Of course,” Uther said, not looking at the monster of his son whom he so hated.

Arthur hissed again, and they left the hall.


Merlin was quiet as they retreated back to Arthur’s chambers. They passed several guards and several members of the court, but Arthur didn’t stop, and Merlin was distracted again by magic.

“You’re going to have to learn to ignore it,” Arthur told him, as they entered his chambers. He could very clearly see the colors that Merlin relayed to him in his mind.

The sorcerer grinned at his prince before he darted forward and embraced the blond. “My destiny,” he whispered into Arthur’s ear. “To keep you safe and to be at your side forever.”

“Forever is a long time,” Arthur replied, gripping him tightly around the middle and angling his face so he could look into Merlin’s blue eyes. He smiled tightly before letting go and moving to sit at the table he never ate at.

“What is it?” Merlin asked, following him. He sat daintily on his princes lap, not caring for personal space anymore.

“Your eyes.”

“My eyes?” Merlin frowned, confused. “What of them?”

“They’re still as they always were. One of the few things that Uther allows himself to think about around me is the color of my eyes. He was thinking about it when he looked at you. How I used to have blue eyes, and how they reminded him of my mother. And how my mother is better off dead then knowing what her son had become.” He rested his golden head on the chair back, one hand resting on Merlin’s thigh.

“I could give you blue eyes,” Merlin told him softly, his thoughts echoing his words. “I could hide your golden eyes and your skin in the sunlight. I could make you appear to age.”

He laid a gentle kiss to Arthur’s temple, not even waiting for an answer. “I can stop the endless thirst in your throat. Leave an illusion of you in your bed at night, sleeping as you used to. I can do anything you want me to do.”

“Just the eyes are enough,” Arthur told him with a wry smile, before leaning up to accept another kiss. He felt a slight shift in the magic Merlin controlled and didn’t even have to look through Merlin’s eyes to know that his eyes were the same shade of blue as they had once been.

“And maybe the throat.”

Merlin chuckled and the burn instantly vanished.

“I don’t know how you did it,” the blond told him, settling his teeth to the faintly glittering scar on Merlin’s neck. “But you’ve become more important to me in only a few short days, than anything has ever been to me in my entire life.”

He received a gentle hum in reply and a hard, passionate kiss.

The rest of the day, and that night was spent without words.


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