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Merlin/Arthur - 24 HOURS - fanvid

Title: 24 HOURS
Rating: PG-13
Video: Merlin (BBC) (scenes from Skins)
Music: Jem - 24, Carola - I believe in love
Edited by nerjaveika (nerjav )
Storyline: (I hope it's clear in video, but here's more detailed one)
0:00-0:27 - Arthur meets some stranger on the street that says that he'll die soon. Arthur of course didn't believe him. Stranger says that he can prove it by telling him what else will happen in the nearest future.
(Great storm...
Water will turn into sand...
Something precious will be taken away...
The thief will return water back...)
0:28-0:37 - All of that happens and that makes Arthur believe that he'll die
0:37-0:48 - Arthur tells Merlin about it.
0:49-0:55 - Arthur meets that stranger again and this time he says that he'll give Arthur 24 hours to say goodbye.
0:55-0:57 - Arthur asks Merlin not to tell anyone.
0:57-1:11 - 24 HOURS left for Arthur to live. Morgana have a dream and gets the picture. She asks Merlin to save Arthur.
1:11-1:28 - But Merlin don't know how to do it. He comes to Arthur at night and cries. Arthur tells him that he's happy to see Merlin care so much for him.
1:28-1:32 - Uther tells Arthur that he'll be a great king, but Arthur knows that this not gonna happen
1:32-1:35 - Arthur thinks that Merlin cares for him only as a friend and don't love him, but Arthur asks him to be with him even if it's only for today.
1:35-1:38 - Merlin can't reply anything, because Morgana said that if Merlin tells Arthur he loves him, Arthur's soul will be trapped in this world forever and would not be able to reach Heaven.
1:38-1:42 - Arthur thinks about places he's been, people he's seen, his plans...just like in lyrics.
1:42-1:57 - Arthur comes to Merlin to *___* (you know what I mean)
1:57-2:05 - Only 18 HOURS left. This is what 'll happen in future.
2:05-2:18 Merlin cries again and Arthur says that this are the times that make him love Merlin. Merlin can't answer anything, Arthur thinks that it's because he don't love him.
2:18-2:28 - 13 HOURS left. And picture of nearest future.
2:28-2:37 - Merlin says that he don't care if Arthur soul will never reach heaven. He just want to tell Arthur that he loves him. Morgana says that Merlin's selfish and Merlin didn't tell Arthur anything again.
2:37-3:08 - Flashbacks of what they've had together.
3:08-3:18 - Merlin thinks that Arthur's cool and so on with sleeping together...
3:18-3:27 - 8 HOURS left. Again what will happen in future.
3:27-3:37 - Merlin tries to seem happy, but really he can't smile anymore.
3:37-3:42 - ONLY 1 HOUR left. Future again.
3:41-3:44 - Stranger shows up and says that time's up. He tries to take Arthur with him in flames.
3:46-4:00 - Merlin shows up and tries to take Arthur's place. Stranger offers him to play and tries to kill Merlin. Merlin wins. Stranger disappears.
4:00-4:09 - Arthur wakes up. (I just couldn't kill Arthur :)) ) Happy end :)) I really like Happy Ends :))
4:09-4:17 - Titles (there's more after titles)
4:17-4:36 - Merlin tells Arthur he loves him. Arthur says that he already knows. Morgana couldn't keep mouth shut. :)) lol
4:36-4:50 - Arthur wants to punish Merlin for not telling him
4:50-5:04 - But Morgana shows up. Anyway Arthur asks her tell his father that he's still on a hunt. Poor Merlin.
5:05-5:11 - Poor Arthur. Merlin will surely upset him some more in future :))

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Tags: contributor: nerjav, fanvid, genre: drama, genre: humour, rating: pg-13
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