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Fic: This Kitten (confuses me)

Title: This Kitten (confuses me)
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Arthur/Merlin, Morgana, Gaius, Unnamed Kitten.
Warnings: Pure fluff? Established Arthur/Merlin kitty relationship. A vast amount of confusion as to why I'm still writing this.
Summary: Merlin and Arthur bring home a kitten. This results in a trip to see Vet!Gaius.
Notes: I really have nothing to say that will change the fact that I actually wrote 1340 more words of this story. I don't think it makes too much sense, but the idea of Vet!Gaius had been planted, and kittens are super cute. Damn this world. Apologies in advance.

In Time Line Order:
Tail of Two Kitties | The House Sitter

Morgana stared at the scene in front of her for a few moments before sighing heavily and mentally adding items to her shopping list. She couldn’t deny that the cats approaching the back porch of her home were adorable – and there was also no point in trying to deny them anything they wished.

Still, seeing Merlin carrying a kitten carefully with his mouth while Arthur paced him, eyes trained carefully on the two cats was absolutely priceless. The woman briefly wondered why she didn’t carry a camera with her at all times. The kitten was crying softly, twitching in Merlin’s grip, but obviously not strong enough to get away. Morgana opened the door as the cats approached and they walked in, not sparing her a glance.

Merlin carefully put the kitten down and pounced just as it attempted to escape. He flattened himself carefully on the tiny puff of fur and looked towards Arthur. Arthur, in turn, looked towards Morgana with an air of “it doesn’t really matter what you say, it’s staying here.”

Morgana arched an eyebrow at the yellow cat. Merlin hissed at Arthur, before meowing softly at his person.

“We’ll take your little kitty to the vet in the morning,” Morgana promised both herself and the black cat warmly, moving over to sit next to the little pile of cats on her living room floor. Arthur hissed at her for getting too close to his family, but she ignored him – as she always did – and reached one hand out to rub Merlin’s head. To her surprise, Merlin hissed at her too.

The kitten cried a little louder and Morgana backed up. “Right,” she said, mostly to herself, “he’s like a new mother with her first litter.”

Never having had a female cat and thus, never having dealt with a new mother with her first litter, Morgana could only assume that’s what Merlin was acting like. She wondered for a moment where the two had managed to find a kitten, and what had possessed them to take care of it as their own. But then, she had never really understood Merlin or Arthur’s behavior.

The kitten squalled a little and Merlin meowed pleadingly, his blue eyes trained on her.

“Right,” Morgana sighed. “I forgot that I’m here as your servant, and not as your owner.”

The woman got to her feet and moved to the kitchen, only to return a few moments later with a small saucer with warm milk in it. The kitten stopped crying after a moment and began squirming towards the dish in front of it. Merlin got up carefully and nudged the kitten towards the dish and both he and Arthur watched carefully as the puff of fur slowly lapped at the milk.

“I better not have an angry cat trying to break into my house in the morning,” Morgana muttered darkly.

She sat and watched the pile of cats for a little while, before realizing two things. She needed to make an appointment with Gaius – the vet – and also that she needed to kitten-proof her house. The dark haired woman got up and moved towards the kitchen in order to make the call with Gaius’s office, before she noticed that Arthur had followed her and was now sitting just as he always did when waiting for his bedtime treat.

“I’m not sure you really deserve one.” She told the yellow cat, picking up the phone from the counter.

Blue eyes narrowed at her.

As she always did, Morgana sighed and reached for the basket hanging from the ceiling where she kept the things she didn’t want her cats getting into. She extracted two treats and knelt down to give Arthur his. The cat quickly gobbled up his treat before dashing back to Merlin.

“Merlin,” Morgana called.

After a moment and no sign of the black cat, Morgana sighed. “Merlin,” she said again. “Come and get your treat. Arthur can take care of your kitten for a moment.”

There was a soft cat discussion down on her living room floor before a black cat quickly darted up the two steps that separated the room. Merlin accepted the treat and ate it quickly before looking up at his owner. He meowed, which Morgana interpreted as a ‘thank you’, and he looked at the phone still in her hand and meowed once more.

Morgana looked at the phone again before turning it on and making a call to the vets office.

“Gaius, this is Morgana LeFey” she said when her call hit voicemail. “I’ll be coming in first thing in the morning with my cats and a kitten that they found. I’m going to need to get all the usual tests done to make sure it’s healthy. Thanks - see you in the morning.”


“Your kitten seems to be perfectly fine,” Gaius told Morgana after about an hour of examination and tests. The older man picked up a chart and read off the information he had found. “Female, about four weeks old judging from her size.” The vet pointed towards the kittens tiny paws and then towards its tiny years. He ignored Arthur as the yellow cat hissed at him and continued talking. “Her ear canals are developed as well, which generally indicates three weeks of age. But she also has very good depth perception, a marker for about four weeks. The tests revealed that she has no infections or diseases.”

Morgana hmm-ed, one hand stroking Merlin’s fur idly. Merlin purred at her while Arthur curled grumpily around the kitten.

“So,” the woman finally said, standing up to join the vet at the examination table. “She’s fine. But what about them?”

The two adults watched in amusement as Merlin jumped onto the table and flattened himself on Arthur and the kitten. The little creature mewled squeakily but didn’t attempt to get away.

“I have said it many times before, Morgana,” Gaius said with a wry smile and an eyebrow reaching for the ceiling. “Merlin and Arthur have never been normal cats. Merlin for obvious reasons, what with his abilities-“

“You still think he’s a magical cat?” Morgana asked skeptically.

“The way he opens doors from across the room, the way he manages to always know if Arthur is in trouble, the way you say he seems to understand your words and intentions – they all indicate some higher function. I never called it magic; however, that was your own reasoning.” The old man smiled at her. “Arthur on the other hand, is different in a different sort of way. He was born in a pet shop and had been an indoor cat through his catling period, but he acts almost feral. He can hunt and protect both himself and Merlin. I’m sure that this kitten has something to show you too, when it’s ready. These two wouldn’t have chosen it otherwise.”

Morgana shook her dark head in disbelief. “If you say so Gaius,” she said softly.

She walked quickly towards the cat carrier, left on the counter and brought it back towards the table.

“Alright Merlin,” she said, opening the wire door and patting Merlin’s flattened rump. “It’s time to go home. Get your posse inside and you can sit in the passenger seat again.”

Merlin meowed at her and got up, arching his back in a stretch. He carefully grabbed the kitten in his mouth and carried her into the plastic box. He meowed towards the cat still on the table and Arthur stretched his own back before following his companion.

Morgana closed the door just as Merlin slipped out, trapping Arthur and the kitten inside.

“He’s brilliant,” Gaius murmured as the black cat sat down to wash his front paw.

“He’ll be punished by Arthur later,” Morgana scoffed. “And he knows it – that’s why he’s showing off now. He thinks it’s funny.”

Gaius laughed to himself. “By the way, Morgana,” he said after the woman had picked up the yowling carrier. “What are you going to name the kitten?”

“I don’t know,” she confessed.

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