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Fic: His Own Hand

Rating: NC-17/MA
Warnings/Spoilers: Spanking, wanking, angst that suddenly grows a sense of humour, and Uther as semi-unwilling voyeur. (General spoilers for Series One, I suppose.)

Summary: In which Merlin is punished for saving his life for the thousandth uncredited time, and arguing with Uther is the stupidest thing Arthur's done until the next thing.

Disclaimer: The BBC and Shine, man. None of that copyright stuff for me.
Word Count: 12,276
A/N: Written for kinkme_merlin. First fic in this fandom, first thing I've written longer than a drabble in about three years, so yeah. Not terrified at all!

Part One
Part Two
Tags: 1st time posting, fanfic, genre: first time, genre: kink, genre: porn, rating: nc-17
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