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fic (X2): OMAKE: Lancelot, OMAKE: Names

Title: OMAKE: Lancelot
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Arthur/Merlin, Stalker!Lancelot.
Warnings: Pure fluff? Implied Arthur/Merlin kitty relationship.
Summary: How Lancelot spends most of his free time. Or, Lancelot likes to stalk Merlin, who is oblivious.
Notes: An OMAKE is a short clip in an already established world, usually for humor. (As far as I understand it, anyway.) Really, this is just me being kind of lazy but wanting to post more in the 'verse anyway.

Tail of Two Kitties | The House Sitter OMAKE: Lancelot | This Kitten (confuses me) | OMAKE: Names

Lancelot prowled through the bushes his slim body crouched low to the ground in order to remain unnoticed. Barely ten feet in front of him, laying in the sunny open yard, a black cat was apparently asleep. His soft belly was exposed to the warm air and two paws were defying gravity, sticking straight into the air.

With nothing more than absolute stillness, Lancelot settled in for a quick observation session. There was always something interesting to learn from this particular cat. For, no matter what Lancelot did to fool him, or beat him in a pouncing game, Merlin always won.

He’s not really asleep,
the tabby cat decided after a few minutes. Merlin’s tail had just twitched a little and a third paw had joined the two others in the air.

A butterfly landed on Merlin’s belly.

He’s really good at feigning sleep, Lancelot decided, because if a butterfly landed on him while he was awake, he would have killed the stupid little bug. No questions asked.

The butterfly lingered for a few moments while Lancelot silently watched from the bushes. His tail twitched a little bit as his attention shifted from the cat to the bug.

A second butterfly landed on Merlin, this time on his nose.

He knows I’m watching, the tabby deduced from the black cats lack of movement. Or Arthur is around. I need to be careful. I should leave right now before I’m noticed by him too.

This decided, Lancelot quietly slunk away, completely missing Merlin’s sudden twitch into wakefulness and subsequent startling of butterflies. A few minutes later a bright yellow cat wandered over to Merlin and snuggled up, clearly intending to prolong the afternoon nap in the sun a little longer.

Title: OMAKE: Names
Rating: PG
Pairing/Characters: Arthur/Merlin, Morgana, Kitten.
Warnings: Pure fluff? Established Arthur/Merlin kitty relationship.
Summary: How Merlin named his kitten..
Notes: An OMAKE is a short clip in an already established world, usually for humor. (As far as I understand it, anyway.) Really, this is just me being kind of lazy but wanting to post more in the 'verse anyway.

“How about, Belle,” Morgana suggested, watching her companion carefully.

Said companion was sitting on a collection of Disney princess movies, clearly already knowing the name he wanted for his kitten but unable to verbalize it enough for Morgana to understand. Thus, Merlin’s tiny pink nose wiggled, almost as though he were wrinkling it in distaste. The tiny puff of kitten played happily with Arthur without listening to the rather one-sided conversation going on about her.

“Ariel, Aurora, Jasmine, come on Merlin a little help here would be nice.”

Morgana was now openly glaring at her cat, whom upon each new name suggestion winkled his nose a little further and finally turned his back to her and pawed with annoyance at the films he was sitting on. Merlin turned around again though, when Morgana asked for help. He grinned in his kitty way and padded over to Morgana’s movie collection once more.

His tail danced merrily behind him as he very carefully knocked over Disney’s “Princess Diaries” as well as “The Princess Bride”.

“You want to name her Princess?” Morgana asked in disbelief.

From behind her Arthur mewled with as close to happiness as he usually got, while the kitten – now known as Princess – squeaked in annoyance as her playmate became distracted.

Tags: contributor: stuckinspokane, fanfic, genre: crack, genre: fluff, rating: pg
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