November 14th, 2010


FANVID: I was made for you (The Story) - Merthur [Merlin's POV] + FANART: [1] Merthur Wallpaper

Title: I was made for you
Song: The Story - Brandi Carlile
MADE BY inacloudyday 

This is the second part of my project which was to split this song in two parts, one for Arthur and the other for Merlin.
This is Merlin's part and, like Arthur's, the story is based on the lyrics of the song..acutally, it's not really a story it's like a...I's basically what Merthur means; Arthur and Merlin were made for each other, even the Dragon's said that and also Merlin's mom..XD
So, hope you'll enjoy it and let me know what you think with a comment...^__^

I've also made a wallpaper using this song (ok, maybe I'm a little bit obsessed..) and I have to say that it's probably the one which I like most among all the wallpapers that I've made till now.
Remember to write a comment if you take it just to let me know and if you want to use it or post it on other websites you must ask me and credit me..thank you in advance!

P.S.I'm so so so sorry if you can't see the videos because youtube has blocked them in lots of country...sooooorry!!!..T___T
[the Lion King] : BWColour

Fic: Because You're my Damsel, Duh

 Title: Because You're my Damsel, Duh
Author: redjumper 
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Words: 421
Disclaimer: Don't Own. Would be sweet if I did, but alas, life was not that kind to me.
Summary: Merlin has to be the damsel, he's such a girl. Kid!fic.
Author's Notes (A/N): Written forkinkme_merlin  kink me #18 prompt. There will be more of this. I plan on making it into a series.

Fan art

Artist: Itzcoatl
Character names: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: General
Medium: Acrylic on canvas board
Warnings: Extreme cruelty to a great poem

"He owns him, heart and mind"

This is an illustration to a poem. So I've put the poem in front of the painting, as otherwise it will make no sense at all. I DIDN'T write the poem, I hasten to add. The poem is based on a very wonderful WB Yeats poem called "The cap and bells", which I have hacked about with a machete to twist it into a Merlin and Arthur poem instead.

(WB Yeats is currently revolving in his grave like a washing machine on the spin cycle!)

(I believe in a happy ending to this. I don't imagine Merlin actually dying at the end. I believe Arthur is just refusing to accept him until Merlin finally gives Arthur ALL of himself and reveals his secrets.)

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Centuries Behind the Glass

Title: Centuries Behind the Glass
Plot Summary: A modern day Arthur does odd things he can't explain, and when those odd things lead him to an Dark Ages archaeological dig, he finds much more than he bargained for.
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Rating: G to begin with, might get naughtier as this goes on. Oh, and if someone wants to tell me how to post multichapter fic, that would be much appreciated because I have no idea how.
Genres: angst, fluff, modern AU
Notes: I started this fic ages ago, and while I've attempted to finish it, it seems to want to be posted before it's completed. Maybe I just need some encouragement. I also know very little about archaeology, which will become more apparent as the story goes on. I tried to be accurate but probably failed in that attempt. Oh, well...on with the fic...

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And here's a link to Chapter 2: