November 15th, 2010

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Series: Life, death and rebirth are inevitable

Title: In peace, sons bury their fathers. In war, fathers bury their sons.
Series: Life, death and rebirth are inevitable
Prompt: Winter
Main Character: Merlin, Arthur
Summary: There was little honour left in warfare in these modern times.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: none
Word count: 615
Warnings: mention of reincarnation, warfare
A/N: This takes place in a universe where Merlin and the other characters are reincarnated over and over again.

[Fic] Merlin Rewritten 3/?

Merlin Rewritten 03
Rated: NC-17 over all (R for this chapter)
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin, hints of minor pairings and fancies (crushes)
Warnings: Canon AU, pining, dialogue from show, language
Notes: see chapter one
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, but I do love to play around with them.


Read @ my journal.

Fic: Wild Justice 10/10 - Completed

Title: Wild Justice (10/10)
Summary: When Prince Arthur returns to Camelot after a horrible fight with raiders, he thinks he can find a little peace. He is wrong.
Warning/Spoiler: Slash, First Time, H/C, Angst, Protective!Arthur, Hurt!Merlin, Rape (non-explicit), Violence, Non-Con, ALC (Arthurian Legend Characters), OCs, Spoilers for Season One and Two
Rating: R
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Word Count for this part: 13.177
Word Count for whole story: 53.600
Disclaimer: The show and all characters are owned by the BBC. This is just for fun.

Author’s notes: I started to write this story in January, therefore canon stops after Season 2. That also means that a few characters in this story have nothing to do with the characters that popped up, unexpectedly, in Season 3. For example, the Gawain in this story is nothing like the Gwaine from Season 3.


Or start with Part one, here:

fic: heartquake

Title: Heartquake
Rating: PG-13 for now
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin, implied Morgana/Leon, past Merlin/OFC
Warnings: sweetness?
Word count: 6500 (for these two parts)
Summary: written for this prompt at the [info]kinkme_merlin, in which Merlin has a kid he told no one about (it just never came up, honest) but now has to make adjustments with his life now that his daughter, Emeline, is in his full-time care.
Note: set sometme after 2.07, so no recent spoilers. just prepare for sweetness that comes with Merlin being a daddy and Arthur, well, trying.

part one

part two

Centuries Behind the Glass

Title: Centuries Behind the Glass
Plot Summary: A modern day Arthur does odd things he can't explain, and when those odd things lead him to an Dark Ages archaeological dig, he finds much more than he bargained for.
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Rating: I'm bumping this one up to PG because of Arthur's dreams being a little bit graphic.
Genres: angst, fluff, modern AU
Notes: Wow, I cannot BELIEVE the response I have gotten from the first posting. I really can't thank you all enough for your encouragement. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Here's Chapter 1:

And now, Chapter 2!

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fanvid: Stuck Like Glue *(Remake - New & Improved)*

Title: Stuck Like Glue
Artist: Sugarland
Vidder: Fierysunrise
Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers for all aired episodes including 3x10.
Notes: With all the new scenes, I had to. I remade the video from scratch. Plus I was rewatching the other one I made and I thought I could do much better - so I tried - and this was the result.
Link, embed, and d/l link below cut.

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Masterlist of rec lists

A year ago I made a list of rec lists for the Merlin fandom (and for Merlin/Arthur rec lists in particular). Anyway, I cleaned it, fixed the broken links but I'm not sure I managed to keep up with all the rec lists sitting around.

Please let me know if you want me to add your rec list. If you have suggestions for improving the masterlist, I'll gladly listen too. :)

Thanks! ♥