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fanmix: wickedness and sin

Wickedness and Sin
A Merlin/Arthur fanmix
compiled by alsaurusrex

A soundtrack for the struggle between Merlin, Arthur,
and that one little secret that stands between them and their destiny.

.zip at megaupload

1. The Outsider- Marina and the Diamonds

I look myself in the face
And whisper "I'm in the wrong place"
Is there more to lose than gain
If I go on my own again? (On my own again)

Inside the outsider (on my own again)

2. Tight Fit- New Young Pony Club

I want to fit
I've got to get into it
Don't make no sense
To hide behind anything
Oh how these pressures sting
Their time is wearing thin
I'd make a mold of me
To make a mockery

3. Magic- Ladyhawke

I found you one day
with a mouth full of attitude
And you stole me away,
You stole me away

I've left my heart to you, but it's not fair
'Cause you're taking me for granted baby

4. Reflections are Protection- La Roux

My reflections are protection
They will keep me from destruction
My directions are distractions
When you're ready, come into the light

5. Vinegar & Salt- Hooverphonic

But it hurts
Honesty's your church
But sometimes
It's better to lie

6. I'm Not Calling You a Liar- Florence & The Machine

I'm not calling you a liar,
Just don't lie to me
I'm not calling you a thief,
Just don't steal from me
I'm not calling you a ghost,
Just stop haunting me
And I love you so much,
I'm gonna let you
Kill me.

7. Siren Song- Bat for Lashes

Can I stop off in your bed tonight?
I could make you smile
In the morning I'll make you breakfast
In the evening I'll warm the bed
And I'll always be happy to kiss you
Promise I'll never get sad


And it won't be long until you'll be running
'Cause I'm evil

8. Panic Switch- Silversun Pickups

If I go everywhere you want me to go
How will I know you'll still follow

When you see yourself in a crowded room
Do your fingers itch are you pistol whipped
Will you step in line or release the glitch
Can you fall asleep with a panic switch

9. Numb- Marina and the Diamonds

Far gone families, far gone friends,
That's how it started, and how it ends,
I can't open up and cry, 'cause I've been saddened all my life

I feel numb most of the time,
The more I get the higher,
I'll climb, and I will wonder why,
I get dark only,
To shine
Looking for the golden light,
Oh, it's a reasonable sacrifice

10. Warm Hands- An Horse

Yeah I got so scared
That you might be a better me than me

You can take my socks
But you damn well better leave my gloves
Cause I need my hands to be warm like everybody else's
Once my hands are warm
I can give them to you and then say
Please do all you can
Well my fingerprints will stay the same

11. The Royal We- Silversun Pickups

Be careful how you lick your wounds
Believe that change is coming soon

How many times do you wanna die?
How many ways do you wanna die?

Do you feel safe again? Look over your shoulder
Very carefully look over your shoulder

12. Pearl's Dream- Bat for Lashes

And when the battle was done
I was promised my sun
But with a thousand nights gone
To any kingdom I run

13. Good Lies- The Notwist

We'll remember good lies when
They're always with us in our
Beds, even when we shake our heads

Notes: I put together this mix after thinking about how traumatic this season has been for Merlin... But more than anything, the story is about the weight of keeping his secret from Arthur, who he wants to believe will accept him. In the mix there are also hints that Arthur is suspicious and just wants Merlin to be honest with him. When Arthur finally learns the truth, they are both faced with the obstacles they will now have to overcome to reach their destiny.

I would love to know if you download this, but I would especially love to know what you think of it AFTER you listen. This has been a loooong time in the making, and I'm somewhat proud of it. I hope you all enjoy. :)
Tags: 1st time posting, fanmix, genre: angst
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