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New tagging system

Hi! *waves*

I'm lavvyan, and I'm one of innovativecheat's new co-mods (I will probably make a reputation for myself as "the bitchy one"). To introduce myself, I went ahead and established a new and ridiculously complicated tagging system.

Well, okay, it's pretty easy, really. There are tags for every author and artist who has posted to merlinxarthur so far, as well as some for rating and basic stuff like fanfic, fanvid, fanart etc. If you post icons or mood themes, please use both the "fanart" and the "fanart: icons" tag. This will make your artsy stuff a lot easier to find.

If you haven't posted here before, please use the "1st time posting" tag for your first entry. One of the mods will add your name to the authors and/or artists list.

Questions, complaints, suggestions, tag requests: go for it! :)

ETA: Obviously, tagging is required from now on. Please don't make me come up with a "too lazy to tag" thingy.
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