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[Admin] Fanfic Challenge #4

So there are only four episodes left in the current series of Merlin. We realize that some are frustrated with how the Merlin/Arthur relationship is being handled this series and some are even struggling with the show in general. We understand the frustration but rather than focus on the negative, we think it would be best to just do something positive and productive - like writing awesome M/A fics for example. ;) And with that in mind, we've decided to host another fanfic challenge! :D

For this challenge, you must find and fill a Merlin/Arthur kinkme_merlin prompt. [We would like to thank all the kinkme_merlin mods for allowing us to do this challenge. THANK YOU!)

You can find Merlin/Arthur prompts through the meme's Delicious account: here and here. OR you can directly browse by meme:

Kink Me! #1 - Kink Me! #2 - Kink Me! #3 - Kink Me! #4 - Kink Me! #5 - Kink Me! #6 - Kink Me! #7 - Kink Me! #8 - Kink Me! #9 - Kink Me! #10 - Kink Me! #11 Old School - Kink Me! #12 - Kink Me! #13 - Kink Me! #14 - Kink Me! #15 - Kink Me! #16 - Kink Me! #17 - Kink Me! #18 - Kink Me! #19 (NEW!)

The rules for this challenge are as follows:

» Entry must be original for this contest. It should also be a completed fill (NO WIPs please).
» Merlin/Arthur must be the main pairing and the main focus of the story.
» Participants must post their entry (or a link to their fic) here in the community AND as a reply to the prompt they filled at kinkme_merlin [Note: Guide on how to post a fill at the meme].
» IMPORTANT! When posting at the kink meme, please warn for POTENTIAL TRIGGERS and SPOILERS. Please read A Filler’s Guide to KMM’s Required Warnings for more info about triggers. [Note regarding spoilers: As of this Saturday (Nov. 13), spoilers up to and including 3x06 - The Changeling, with new character Elena - can be posted without needing to warn.]
» Entry must be at least 500 words long. There's no maximum word limit.
» Participants must use the standard format for submissions (or a close variation thereof):

[Please use this format for your post here at the comm and if possible, for your reply at the meme.]

Warnings/Spoilers: [Important Note: When posting at the meme, please include the spoiler and trigger warnings in the subject line of your reply to the prompt.]
Beta: (if used)
Author's Notes (A/N): Written for merlinxarthur's fanfic challenge #4. (& any others needed)

» For your post here in the community (or in your journal), please include the link to the prompt that you chose for your story. You can include this in the 'Summary' or 'Author's Notes' section of your template/header.
» Our community's tagging rules still apply but please also add the 'fanfic challenge' tag to your entry.
» You have until December 31, 2010 at 11PM GMT to post your fic. A day or two after the challenge ends, we will be posting a voting poll to determine the winners.

The first place winner will receive 6-months of LJ paid time OR 1,500 LJ Tokens (whichever is preferred). We'll be giving the second and third place winners some gifts as well.

If you have any questions, please leave them as a comment to this post or email me at 1miracle [at] livejournal [dot] com.

[For easy access, we have provided a link to this post in our community's topbar.]

Thank you and have fun! :)
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