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Centuries Behind the Glass

Title: Centuries Behind the Glass
Plot Summary: A modern day Arthur does odd things he can't explain, and when those odd things lead him to an Dark Ages archaeological dig, he finds much more than he bargained for.
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Rating: G to begin with, might get naughtier as this goes on. Oh, and if someone wants to tell me how to post multichapter fic, that would be much appreciated because I have no idea how.
Genres: angst, fluff, modern AU
Notes: I started this fic ages ago, and while I've attempted to finish it, it seems to want to be posted before it's completed. Maybe I just need some encouragement. I also know very little about archaeology, which will become more apparent as the story goes on. I tried to be accurate but probably failed in that attempt. Oh, well...on with the fic...

Arthur Pendragon was a rich man. A very rich man.

Besides being insanely rich, he was also damned attractive, funny, and smart, and while his father disliked some of the things he did, there was no denying that his son was on the right path to becoming a very wonderful and much richer CEO.

One thing that Arthur chose to do with his money that annoyed his father was to fund archaeological digs. Arthur believed that exploring the past was important to the present, while Uther believed that he was wasting his money on a bunch of idiot scientists who were all sentimental over a bit of twisted metal and rotten wood.

But Arthur knew that that twisted metal and rotten wood had meant something to someone once, and something in his soul called him to the digs, like he was searching for something. The archaeologists he funded were used to his questions and enjoyed his company (and his money, but that was quite obvious.)

This summer, the archaeologists were working on the ruins of a castle from 1500 or so years before. Arthur had been called about the dig months in advance and had happily given the archaeologists a blank check to use as they pleased. Uther had been, as usual, not happy.

"Why do you continue to fund these projects? You could be gambling in St. Tropez with that money..."

Arthur just shook his head. "I've told you before-it's my money and I can do as I please with it. I want to spend it on digs."

Uther just threw up his hands and walked out of the office. Arthur took that as a sign he could proceed with funding the archaeologists.

Two weeks into the dig, Arthur was brought to the site in a golf cart (the limo wouldn't have been able to make it over the hill) and as was his usual habit, began walking around the edges of the pit where the scientists were working.

"What have you got, Beasley?"

Beasley looked up at Arthur.

"Appears to be a pre-Christian fortress. Probably 4th or 5th century."

"Find anything significant yet?"

Beasley grinned and held out a small object to Arthur, warning him to be careful as it was fragile.

Arthur stared at the rusted round in his hand. It looked vaguely familiar...

"What is it?"

Beasley heaved himself out of the hole he was in to stand next to Arthur.

"Cloak clasp. Pretty high status person wore that. Probably a warrior or a feudal prince or something like that."

Arthur felt a small shudder run down his spine, and suddenly he could see the clasp for what it had been...not rusty and fragile, but useful and well-cared for. He could see a small dragon engraved on the clasp...

And then he looked up, and there was the castle...all white and golden in a late afternoon sunlight...dragons on the banners...knights practicing in the courtyard...trumpets sounding over the ramparts, welcoming him home...


Yes, that was whose it all was...Pendragon...


And just like that, the little rusted clasp was back, and Arthur fell out of the dream with an unpleasant feeling in his chest...he felt empty, as if he'd lost something vital that he needed to remember...

"Can I have that back, please?"

Arthur shook his head to clear it. "Oh, yes. Here."

He made his apologies and got the hell off of that site before something more happened.

And here's a link to Chapter 2: community.livejournal.com/merlinxarthur/2780931.html#cutid1
Tags: 1st time posting, fanfic, genre: au, genre: drama, genre: fluff, genre: future!fic, rating: g
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