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Grace C.

Merlin: Motivational Posters 05

Once again, I come bearing badly-disguised snark. Irrepressible, shameless snark. *Shakes head* Alas, I cannot go through an episode of Merlin without making horrible fangirly remarks. Forgive me. Please.

Episode 3: The Poisoned Chalice

There are many ways to snark...

Is it just me or does Nimueh appear horribly deranged?

On the left, we have the... Red party, and on the right... the Blue party. What the hell, let's start drinking now.

Oh poor Merlin, all your loves are like moths to flame. Which is to say, potentially ending in horrible death.

Merlin: *in a high-pitched falsetto* Oh your majesty! How dashing you look in your red tights!
Arthur: Stop playing with my clothes, Merlin.
Merlin: *shrieks like a girl*

Yeah, I'm sexy.

I kind of like the idea of innocent!Merlin, who tries to keep Arthur safe from the clutches of women...

Whoah, whoah, whoah, hold your horses there.

Sorry, I can't help inserting innuendo.

Seriously, King Uther is totally badass.

Gaius: And that is what you can do with the tongue.
Arthur: 8D

When I saw this I stood up and yelled "Dream interpretation!"

Oh Arthur.

Okay, forgive my dirty mind. Come on, don't tell me you didn't think of this?

And there goes all credibility of subtext. Goodbye. Farewell. I bid you adieu.

I would scream too.

Aww, he's sho shweet! *muacks*

Hot, not?

I actually do go round to do this to people.

Gaius, take affection in any form you can.

And now... I am going away to duck and cover from the fallout. *hides*

Cross-posted like whoah.

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P.s. Er, how do I tag this?

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