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Merlin: Motivational Posters 06

I think I might be getting the hang of making posters. The ones done so far are far from perfect, but awful fun. :) The episode "Lancelot" is a real gem, I have to split it into two posts to get all the snark down. Anyways, is there any fans from the Asia side of the world? I'd love to band together and watch some Merlin. Or draw some Merlin comics. :D

Episode 5: Lancelot (Part 1)

Be kind to animals, be kind to snark.

Streetwalking may be the world's oldest profession, but...

Run, Merlin, RUN! *shaky camera angle**puffing* *scream!*

For the not-so-innocent minded....

I suppose this is revenge for all those people who don't pay attention to the Don't feed the Monkey signs in the zoos.

I've haven't eaten Wheaties for breakfast before, but that doesn't make a damn difference.

Does anyone think that Lancelot looks a lot like Puss-in-Boots from Shrek?

Oh, very clever.

Good LORD, Gaius! What are you doing?!

As all royalty are educated in the art of decorum and tact....

And yes, meanwhile, Merlin furthers his education...

... And discovers that not all books are reliable....

Now, let's go for a joyride!


*gropes some more*

Arthur: What were you doing? Don't think that I can't see you skulking around with my Merlin! *jumps on Lancelot with the cry of "slut!"*

Merlin: Wow! Arthur's really into it today!
Gwen: I don't think that's all he's into. *mutters*

... And then the fight gets dirty.

Of course, ever the wise king, Uther himself is the final test of bravery.

Okay, I think that is all I can do for today. Should I put up all of these into a downloadable pack? Or is that much too soon?

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Part two will hopefully be up at a later date. :D

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